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Relieving Patients With Hypnosis for Fear and Anxiety

Though some fears may seem irrational to the outside world, they are very real to the person experiencing them. Living with chronic, unrelenting fear is excruciating, but help is out there. If severe and unyielding anxiety is negatively impacting your relationships, work, or ability to perform routine activities, reach out to the specialists at Doc Hypnosis to receive effective hypnosis for fears and phobias in Phoenix, AZ. Our trained hypnotherapist, Dr. William Diehl, has spent decades helping countless patients overcome their fears and reduce the role they play in their everyday lives. Dr. Diehl uses his natural gifts, knowledge, and abilities to heal his patients’ minds so they can experience life without fear.

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Does Hypnosis Work for Fears?

Practitioners have used hypnosis methods and techniques for thousands of years to treat patients’ fears and occasionally eliminate them from their lives completely. How does hypnosis work? The subconscious contains repeated habits and patterns that influence your daily thoughts, feelings, and decisions. For example, if you had a bad experience on a plane as a child, that experience will eventually become a memory that embeds into your mind, resulting in chronic fear of airplanes or flying. This type of fear is called a phobia, an excessive, extreme, or panicked reaction towards a person, place, or thing. Hypnosis aims to correct your mind’s instinctual reaction to what you fear so you can go through life more easily and comfortably. The common phobias that hypnosis has been shown to reduce or eliminate are:

  • Social Phobias: The fear of adverse social reactions or being received negatively in social situations.
  • Acrophobia: A chronic fear of heights, such as being on a plane, in tall buildings, or standing on ladders.
  • Arachnophobia: The extreme, irrational, or sustained fear of spiders.
  • Aerophobia: The specific fear of flying or being in planes.
  • Agoraphobia: The fear of being unable to escape a place or situation.
  • Claustrophobia: The fear of being trapped or confined in a small space.
  • Emetophobia: The fear of vomiting or the fear of other people vomiting.
  • Carcinophobia: The fear of getting any form of cancer.
  • Brontophobia: The fear of thunder and lightning.
  • Necrophobia: The fear of death and dying.

How Does Hypnosis for Panic and Anxiety Work?

Many individuals suffer from anxiety or panic daily. Cases range from minor to severe, but even the most minor anxiety and panic can be debilitating and interfere in the life of the person experiencing it. Anxiety and panic are technically two distinct reactions to stressful situations or stimuli, but they share many traits and are often hard to tell apart. Regardless of whether you experience chronic anxiety, panic, or both in your daily life, hypnosis can aid in coping with them and hopefully eliminate them from your life altogether. Here’s how hypnosis works for patients dealing with minor or severe panic or anxiety:

  • The patient is safely put into a relaxing, reflective state of mind through hypnotic techniques.
  • Relaxation enables the patient to carefully analyze their anxiety or panic and make realizations about it.
  • Hypnosis allows the patient to cultivate creative solutions and problem-solving skills to challenge their often firmly-rooted thinking and beliefs.
  • The hypnotist uses indirect suggestion and guided imagery to help the patient find new ways to cope with and accept their anxiety or panic.
  • The patient is sent home with new insight into their fear and healthy ways to cope with it.

The Benefits of Hypnosis for Fear, Anxiety, and Phobias

Hypnosis is an excellent tool that is especially effective if partnered with traditional forms of therapy. Hypnotic techniques address mental, emotional, and physical reactions to fear and help patients devise creative ways to handle stress better. Anxiety and fear can manifest themselves in your daily actions and negatively influence your lifestyle choices, social interactions, and general way of being. While the goal of psychoanalysis, mindfulness practices, and cognitive behavioral therapies is to evaluate the root causes of fear and anxiety, hypnosis aims to reduce and eliminate severe or unhealthy reactions to them, including:

  • Insomnia: Hypnosis patients have been shown to get better sleep throughout the night.
  • Panic and Anxiety Attacks: Hypnosis can significantly reduce or eliminate intense reactions to stressful situations.
  • Negative Self-Talk and Poor Self-Image: Patients often boost their self-esteem and feel more positive about themselves after hypnosis.
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits: A healthier diet, less alcohol consumption, and reduced smoking have all been associated with hypnotic techniques.
  • Social Interactions: Patients are able to form new bonds more easily and strengthen existing relationships.

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You don’t have to live your life in fear and anxiety. Hypnotic techniques and methods can help you cope with the stress of daily life and help you live life in greater peace and comfort. Dr. William Deihl is a trusted, compassionate hypnosis professional who uses his years of study, knowledge, and practice for every session. Dr. Deihl accommodates his patients from beginning to end, maintaining their comfort and security throughout their hypnosis sessions. His goal is to send you home with a newfound sense of confidence so that you can embrace life to the fullest. Please reach out to Doc Hypnosis today to get relief from your fear, anxiety, or phobias.

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