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Hypnosis for Today and Tomorrow

Hypnosis isn’t a gimmick. It is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after methods of affecting real, lasting, personal change. Here at Doc Hypnosis we provide a range of hypnosis therapy services for virtually any personal challenge. All of our services are headed up by Dr. William Deihl – a Ph.D. in Metaphysics with a Masters in Nutritional Science. Our goal is to help you improve your life and the world around you through hypnosis, life coaching, the way you talk, the way you sleep, and the way you think. We take a multi-faceted approach to hypnosis and helping our clients improve themselves. Learn more about what we can do to help you by talking to us!

Hypnosis Services at Doc Hypnosis

The field of hypnosis therapy has taken great strides in recent years. Through our advanced techniques, we can help you with things like:

  • Dream Sculpting – Learn how to align your conscious, subconscious, and higher conscious minds to determine your true dreams and chase them down.
  • Life Coaching – We teach you how to stop self-sabotaging your own ambitions and reach various life goals.
  • Reiki – Reiki healing will allow you to rebalance your vital energy for a higher quality of inner and external life.
  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming is a method of influencing people around you through the power of focused speech.
  • Virtual Hypnotherapy – The power of hypnotherapy is not confined to face-to-face interactions. We offer virtual hypnotherapy sessions as well.
  • Anxiety Panic Attacks – Hypnotherapy can help you get to the psychological root of your anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Personalized Hypnosis – We offer one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions that are centered around your unique challenges.
  • Fears & Phobias – Don’t let your irrational fears hold back your life any longer. We can help you work past a variety of fears and phobias.
  • Love Relationships – Self-sabotage is one of the most serious threats against loving relationships. Learn how to allow yourself to love and be loved.
  • Pain Management/Pain Control – By improving how you sleep and teaching you how to release tension in your body, we can help you manage chronic pain.
  • Self-Esteem & ConfidenceOur methods will help you find and see clearly the beauty that makes you unique.
  • Sleep HypnosisSleep hypnosis is a very powerful method that will allow you to get better quality sleep for a healthier waking life.
  • Smoking Cessation – Hypnosis therapy can be a powerful tool against addictions of all kinds, including smoking.
  • Stress Relief Relaxation – Hypnosis is very useful for allowing you to relax your mind and body and teaching you to let go of the stress that holds you back in so many ways.
  • Success Hypnosis – The key to your success is in your own mind. We simply help you find it.
  • Weight Loss Hypnosis – The most effective weight loss efforts are those borne of healthy beliefs and behaviors.
  • Swan Protocol – Imagine having a direct path to parts of your mind once unknown. With The Swan Protocol, you can uncover the fascinating aspects of who you truly are, including your ego state, higher self, or guide.

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The Importance of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can be useful for many things: health, self-esteem, stress management, personal growth, career success, and much more. However, these aren’t the aspects of hypnosis that make it so important. Hypnosis therapy provides a holistic alternative for unnatural treatments and medications that could be detrimental to your well-being. Hypnosis doesn’t just put a band-aid on the problem; it finds and treats the root cause. Hypnosis provides you with the tools to take control of your life today and tomorrow.

Professional Hypnosis Therapy Services

Whether you need weight loss hypnosis, hypnosis for anxiety, hypnosis for sleep, or any other application, you can get professional help here at Doc Hypnosis. Call now for a personalized session!

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