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Stage Hypnosis Show in Phoenix

Stage Hypnosis Show in Phoenix

Trying to find the right entertainment for a special event or fundraiser is no easy task.

A stage hypnosis show offers many bonuses other shows don’t:

  • Full Audience Participation
  • Action Packed High Energy
  • Non-Stop Laughter

Quality Entertainment from Beginning to End — The Ultimate REALITY Show You Will Never Forget

William Deihl (a.k.a. Doc Hypnosis) is well known worldwide. Doc Hypnosis is offering one of the funniest full-audience participation live comedy stage hypnosis shows in America.

He performs in ALL venue types from conventions, colleges, and corporate events to schools, clubs, and camps.

He offers quality, value, and showmanship so look no further if you want a highly charged and hypnotizing atmosphere of laughter and fun with full audience participation!

With William Deihl (a.k.a. Doc Hypnosis): Master Hypnotist

*Travel costs and room and board are additional and billed separately.

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