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Change Your Life & Get Alcoholism Treatment with Doc Hypnosis

Are you struggling with alcoholism? From your job to your family, alcoholism can negatively impact every aspect of your life. Whether you’ve been struggling with a drinking problem for years or want to alleviate your symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, we’re here to help! At Doc Hypnosis, we give people the means to manage their drinking problem and eliminate the addiction altogether. While traditional alcoholism treatment plans may provide some temporary relief for your drinking problem, it doesn’t always focus on the root of the issue.

Relapsing several times isn’t an uncommon occurrence for people who abuse alcohol. However, the power of your mind combined with hypnosis therapy may be your sobriety solution. Hypnosis therapy for alcoholism isn’t about covering up the problem or brushing it under the rug. We want to help you get rid of the desire to drink completely. Call Doc Hypnosis today to learn more!

What Are the Signs of Alcoholism & Alcohol Abuse?

Are you wondering if you have a problem with drinking too much or too often? There are several ways to recognize you may have a problem, including:

Alcoholism Treatment In Phoenix, AZ
  • You have a feeling you might drink too much and should cut back
  • Other people have commented on your drinking or seem to avoid spending time with you
  • You feel guilty about past drinking episodes
  • You have started to obsess about alcohol and think about it a lot

Alcoholism can lead to physical, emotional, and mental problems that can have severe consequences for your life, as well as others. Some of the physical signs of alcoholism include:

  • Temporarily blacking out while drinking
  • Changes in appetite, sleep, or behavior
  • Anxiety, depression, or other mental disorders
  • Avoiding responsibilities at home and work
  • Becoming obsessed with alcohol and drinking it daily
  • Feelings of isolation or withdrawing from hobbies/activities

What Treatments Are Available for Alcohol Withdrawal?


Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be significantly reduced or even eliminated when given proper medical care and treatments, even for chronic alcohol use. Some of the most common types of treatment for alcohol withdrawal include:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Ruling out other conditions including gastrointestinal bleeding and liver failure
  • Counseling
  • Sedatives such as a benzodiazepine

Can Alcohol Withdrawal Be Fatal?

If left untreated, alcohol withdrawal can progress to complicated alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal delirium (AWD), more commonly known as delirium tremens (DT), is the most severe type of alcohol withdrawal and can be life-threatening if untreated. About one in 20 people who develop DT die from it. If you or a loved one has symptoms of DT, seek medical care immediately.

The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal delirium include withdrawal seizures that can occur between eight and 28 hours after your last drink. Having a history of seizures increases your risk for withdrawal seizures. Signs of an impending seizure include:

  • Tremors
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Overactive reflexes
  • High temperature
  • High pulse

What Medications Can Be Used for Alcohol Dependency?

Doctors prescribe several medications that can help deter alcohol dependency, including naltrexone and campral. Talk with your doctor about which medications can help you with your alcohol use disorder.

Call Today for Professional Hypnosis Therapy Services

At Doc Hypnosis, we are committed to providing a safe, comfortable, judgment-free environment in which you can work through your alcoholism. Our alcoholism treatment hypnosis therapy will help you find the root of your drinking problem so you can eliminate it altogether.

If you’re ready to address your drinking problem, we’re here to help you each step of the way. Whether you’re interested in weight loss hypnosis therapy or need help with anger management, our professionals can help you start your journey towards a better life today. Contact us for a personalized session!

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