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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

– Walt Disney

Some people might read the words Dream Sculpting and think to themselves this has something to do with sleeping and the dreams that I dream. To make this short no it’s not that type of dream sculpting.

Dream Sculpting in Phoenix, AZ

What Is Dream Sculpting?

It’s like nothing you’ve been through before. Some people have said it’s the most intense goal-setting program they’ve ever seen. Others have said it’s the “Law of Attraction” on steroids. I think my favorite description was its The Secret to “The Secret”.

Joking aside, the point I’m trying to make is your answer to making your dreams come true. Maybe you are that person that has woken up for the 73rd Monday in a row feeling grumpy and disheartened about your job, who do you call? What do you do if you struggle with self-esteem and confidence? What if you want a second career that you love and you are contemplating going back to school, but you have no idea what you should be studying or how to get started? Dream Sculpting is a life-changing experience. It can help you overcome the ol’ Monday morning blues, build confidence, determine your career path, find the love of your life, start your own business and so much more.

Nowadays, researchers in the field of Positive Psychology are discovering how people thrive, improve their wellbeing, become happier, become more resilient, and have more meaning in their lives.

woman thinking dreaming has many ideas looking up

Dream Sculpting Can Help You

  • Build the relationship of your dreams
  • Build confidence
  • Help you find a career that you love
  • Get you clear on your goals
  • Keeps you accountable to your goals
  • Enjoy and do more with the activities that engage you
  • Team build for your office or for better relationships
  • Give you more meaning in your life
  • Develop your purpose
  • Help you work on the things that you are passionate about
  • Help you feel happier and have purpose

“Remember a time when you believed all things were possible? For many of us that was when we were much younger-possibly as far back as childhood.“
– Walt Disney

What Is Dream Sculpting?

You probably can remember the feeling you got just thinking about what you wanted to be, or do when you thought dreams could come true? You can feel that again. I like Calling it “The Law of Attraction on steroids”, or “The Secret of The Secret” DreamSculpting® is the art of making dreams come true. This process is, thanks in large part, to Walt Disney’s Creativity Strategy. This creative process is so powerful and effective, it is still employed by the Disney® corporation’s artists, staff, and management today. You can see this process by just looking at what Disney did with the Marvel Universe. We can be that certified Business Coaching and DreamSculpting® instructors that will guide you to make your dreams come true.

Are you missing having a loving relationship or do you think it’s just an elusive dream?

Is it too much to ask for an occupation that satisfies your soul, or a body free of complaints?

What is the secret of those envied few that embody their heart’s desires?

Just know you didn’t do it wrong, you just weren’t taught how the real world of creating your biggest dreams actually works.

In this personal course, (groups are possible) you will learn how to align your conscious, subconscious, and higher conscious minds and see the difference this makes to achieving your life’s greatest aspirations and goals. This will Include how to eliminate self-sabotage and integrate opposing forces in your mind. Also how to properly form your goals and have the mindset of the creative genius of Walt Disney. We will begin by integrating the body, soul, and mind for maximum clarity of your dream or desired outcome. Skills you will easily learn because we will use all these modalities:

  • Neuro-Natural™ Wholeness and Conflict Resolution Course
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Advanced Goal Setting & Ultimate Creativity Course
  • Timeline Coaching™
  • The Limitation Destroyer Course
  • Reverse Imagineering™
  • Mentor Modeling™
  • Energy Integration Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”

– Walt Disney

Keep Your Dreams Alive

Learn how to manifest your dreams, and then make room for more dreams as you effortlessly learn to create your best life. The courses above are designed to methodically do just that by teaching you skills that build on each other to create the platform for your success because of Dream Sculpting.

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