Why Hypnosis?

Can hypnosis help you lose weight?

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What do you want hypnosis to do for you?

-Lose Weight
-Quit Smoking
-Reduce Stress
-Release Fears
-Overcome Phobias
-Minimize Anxiety
-Improve Insomnia
-Gain Self-Confidence
-Increase Energy
-Sales Training
-Entertain at an Event
-Heighten Sports Performance
-Deepen Sleep


Hypnosis is for everyone - all we need is an open mind:

Hypnosis only works to the extent that you allow it. Our hypnotists cannot effect your mind in a way that you resist.

In other words, if the idea of hypnosis makes you nervous, know that you are always subconsciously in control of yourself.

Our services will produce the best results when embraced by an open and willing mind that is ready for the change necessary to move forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your mind is the true limit. Ask yourself:

Do you feel...
Stuck | Angry | Sad | Helpless | Afraid | Negative | Tired | Guilty | Alone | Frustrated | Pain | Overwhelmed | Out of Control

From the American Health Magazine:

"Psychoanalysis: average Recovery rate is 38% after 600 Sessions
Behavior therapy: Average Recovery rate is 72% after 22 Sessions
Hypnosis or hypnotherapy: average recovery rate is 93% After 6 Sessions”


Personalized Services with MP#

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You can increase your rate of success by having me personally guide you through recorded sessions that you can rewind and rewatch until you've achieved your goals. This CD will be intimate, fully personalized, and tailored TO YOU!

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