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William Deihl has a Master’s in Nutritional Science and a Ph.D. in Psychology and Metaphysics. He’d traveled around the country for two years as the nutrition expert for O.H. magazine and was a special guest teacher for continuing education for Doctors and Nurses for bariatric at Princeton University. He has a background in T.C.M. Traditional Chinese medicine.

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Dr. William Deihl and Kira Kazantsev Miss America

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Bill Deihl’s varied and accomplished background is a pinpoint reflection of his out-going personality and zest for life. Born in Chicago and a Phoenix resident for the past 30 years, Bill is a gifted musician, teacher, performer, motivator, and businessman. He has amassed a series of accolades including the John Philip Sousa Award and IBM Ring 55, in addition to being the recipient of numerous certificates of thanks for his unselfish service from Special Olympics, Make a Wish Foundation, Phoenix Rainbow (cancer treatment), and various burn units.

He has entertained thousands as a Professional – Clown, Magician, Musician, Public Speaking, and Motivational Speaking. His teaching background incxludes running the summer music program at Scottsdale Community College and his talents as a magician lead him to perform for the Prince of Saudi Arabia. At age 22, he owned his first business: the Premier Magic Store of the Southwest. Since 1997, he has been an esteemed member of the Magic Castle.

Bill is currently working on his master’s in business and masters in Oriental Medicine, a natural complement to his Master’s degree in Nutritional Science. Both are an offshoot of his deep interest in better health and nutrition. He is a past member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, The Institute of Food Technologists, the American Botanical Council, Writer of nutrition/business books and news stories, in addition to being a Personal Coach.

At VitaMist Ltd. (President), And Mayor Pharmaceutical (Vice President), he is actively involved in the highest levels of this international operation, including sales, marketing, administration, events coordination, and research and development. His 30 years of experience in the nutritional industry provides tremendous value to the company, as do his keen insight and skills as a motivator. Not surprisingly, his personal interests run the gamut and include scuba diving (certified), skydiving, bungee jumping, volleyball, racquetball, dance, cooking, and the martial arts skills of Wing Chun Gung Fu and Brazilian Jujitsu.

My Story

From Tragedy to Triumph: The Birth of Doc Hypnosis

On February 26, 2019, a product at my job poisoned me, leading to a near-death experience and severe brain injuries. Hypnotherapy helped me reclaim my life and found Doc Hypnosis, now Arizona’s #1 hypnosis business.

Building the Expertise

Over the past 20 years, I have done over 180 presentations. I have talked to groups of 3 to 3000, in 32 different states and 13 different countries. Also, I have done over 1200 Phone sessions.

  • “Just one of the guys”
  • Checker Auto training film
  • Co-Host for a year on Autism Speaks. Started out as a nutrition expert
  • Interview on Mega Radio about nutrition
  • Four different radio commercials for KareMor International
  • Interview on the Pat McMahon Show about nutrition
  • 99.9 interview about nutrition
  • Fit life Expo LA
  • Southern Women shows (They do about 10 of those a year I have done them for that last two years)
  • Health and Beauty shows
  • Currently on Channel 44 SiTv as their morning show expert in Nutrition and expert in Fitness. Helping one of the
  • TV personalities to drop 40lb in the next four months.
  • Channel 3 morning show” – Nutrition/Fitness
  • ABC Arizona – Nutrition/Fitness
  • CBS in Arizona – Nutrition/Fitness
  • Fox in Arizona – Nutrition/Fitness
  • NBC in Arizona – Nutrition/Fitness
  • Sonora living – Nutrition/Fitness
  • Fox LA – Nutrition/Fitness
  • WGN out of Chicago – Nutrition/Fitness
  • ABC Dallas – Nutrition/Fitness
  • CBS Miami – Nutrition/Fitness
  • ABC Ohio – Nutrition/Fitness
  • Pat McMahon – Nutrition/Fitness
  • Talk show “Live it Up with Peter Lupus” – Nutrition/Fitness
  • KareMor
  • Liberty International
  • KMI Global
  • Mayor Labs
  • VitaMist
  • Karemor Europe
  • LifeStyle Advantage
  • Checker Auto
  • KareMor international
  • Federico’s Mexican Food

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