From Tragedy to Triumph: The Birth of Doc Hypnosis

On February 26, 2019, my life ended and began anew in the most unexpected way. I was working for a large nutritional company, and they provided a product that poisoned me. That day, I had a NDE and a part of me died, and I was forever changed.

In the aftermath, I was left with brain injuries that required extensive therapy. I experienced panic attacks, dissociation, and constant anxiety. My personality underwent a complete transformation. The confident individual who once thrived in front of audiences, giving presentations and hosting shows, was now unable to speak coherently or face a crowd. My career, built on communication and charisma, seemed shattered beyond repair.

Despite my condition, I had to return to my job for ten agonizing months until my contract expired. Midway through my treatment, the company and workers’ compensation decided to cut me off. I felt abandoned and betrayed. Desperate and with no other options, I turned to what I knew best: hypnotherapy.

For the next six months, I immersed myself in the power of hypnosis. Gradually, I began to heal. The panic attacks subsided, the dissociation lessened, and the anxiety started to fade. Hypnotherapy helped me reclaim my life, piece by piece. By the end of those six months, I had made a full recovery.

When my contract finally ended, I made a bold decision: I would not renew it. Instead, I chose to transform my part-time venture, Doc Hypnosis, into a full-time business. I opened my office on January 1, 2020, determined to make it a success.

My former company was not supportive. They tried to undermine my efforts, telling me I would never succeed and had no idea how to brand or market a business. They said I would fail. It was baffling, considering I had spent the last 25 years teaching them these very skills. But their doubts only fueled my determination.

I was all in on making Doc Hypnosis work, even if it meant risking homelessness. I believed in the healing power of hypnotherapy and was committed to helping others the way it had helped me.

During this journey of building Doc Hypnosis into a thriving business, I discovered something incredible about my family history. My grandfather had been taught hypnosis when he was learning to become a chiropractor, and my father was certified in hypnosis back in 1966. This revelation meant that I was a third-generation hypnotist, carrying forward a legacy I hadn’t fully realized existed.

Today, I am proud to say that Doc Hypnosis has been the #1 hypnosis business in Arizona for three years in a row. The journey from tragedy to triumph has been filled with challenges, but it has also been incredibly rewarding. Every day, I am grateful for the opportunity to help others overcome their struggles and transform their lives, just as I did mine.

This is why, when new clients come into my office, I treat them as individuals, not numbers. I take their unique needs into account, treating each client as a one-of-a-kind case. I never put them into a box, as so many therapists do. At Doc Hypnosis, every person is valued and heard, and their journey is as unique as they are.

Dr. William Deihl
Master Hypnotist

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