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Reduce Anxiety & Stress with Hypnotherapy

Millions of people suffer from anxiety and stress every day, but there is help. Doc Hypnosis offers hypnosis therapy for stress relief at our office in Phoenix, AZ. It’s easy to get trapped in patterns of automatic responses and keep ourselves in stressed-out states. Hypnotherapy can help you change these destructive habits to calm you down and help you relax and enjoy life. Stress relief hypnosis can provide new positive responses to stress triggers. If you’ve never tried hypnosis for relaxation and stress relief, you may experience benefits after just one session. Life-long results come with regular sessions over time. Learn more about what causes stress, ways that stress impacts your health, and how we can help.

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How Stress Impacts Your Health

There are dozens of ways that stress impacts your mental and physical health. Physically, stress can cause everything from an overall lack of energy to more specific aches and pains. Stress also plays a significant role in mental health. Check out some of the many ways that stress can affect your health:

What Really Causes Stress?

We all know what stress can feel like, but understanding what it really is and what causes it can help you avoid it. Moderate stress levels can actually be positive, fueling change, growth, and ambition. Too much stress is not good, though. It causes anger, irritability, depression, anxiety, manic episodes, and negative emotional states. Too much stress can leave you feeling mentally and emotionally drained. During our lives, negative thought patterns or expectations develop. Triggers produce negative expectations that turn into anxieties called stress. Since these expectations are learned, they can be modified using hypnosis. Our hypnotherapist can work with you on external stress triggers and internal stress triggers. External stress triggers can be anything from paying bills to hearing a barking dog or a person’s voice. Not having control over these triggers can make us feel helpless. Internal stress triggers may include fear of the unknown, bad memories, dreading an upcoming event, and more. Our professionals can help you free yourself and stop holding on to these negative thought patterns.

Helping You Get Effective Relief

Anxiety and stress are common effects of the hypnotic trance. You can learn through hypnosis and self-hypnosis to initiate these feelings yourself. Having the ability to relax and reduce stress is immensely important. Taking 20 to 30 minutes each day to do self-hypnosis stress relief can result in benefits far beyond simply feeling calm and positive. Doc Hypnosis can teach you techniques for self-hypnosis anxiety relief so that you can take advantage of hypnosis for anxiety relief in any setting.

Personalized Stress Relief Services

What stresses you out is different than what stresses out your family or friends. You might be stressed out or have anxiety related to a pile of work on your desk, or it could be caused by someone failing to use their turn signal ahead of you. It’s not unusual to be triggered by several factors, and everyone is unique. We provide personalized stress relief hypnotherapy services online and at our office in Phoenix. People all over the world have used hypnotherapy as an effective and natural treatment for mild or debilitating stress. It is possible to experience a daily life free from excessive stress. Scheduling an appointment with Doc Hypnosis could be a life-changing experience, so we encourage you to contact us to get started.

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