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Attentive Hypnotic Reiki Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

Doc Hypnosis provides patients with holistic hypnotic reiki therapy in Phoenix, AZ. Whether you’re suffering from a mental, physical, or emotional wound, our caring and experienced team of professionals will apply comprehensive hypnosis practices to help you become a happier, healthier human being. We’ve spent years treating patients and delivering health and wellness to their complete satisfaction. If you’re experienced and seeking to further your health through hypnosis or are new to the concept and want to learn more, our team is here to help you.

Reiki Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

What Is Reiki?

Like other holistic forms of therapy, reiki hypnosis uses a person’s energy to heal them from their wounds and restore their balance with the universe. However, reiki differs from other practices in its unique focus, specifically on the vital energy itself, which means improving its power to work for maximum effect when it is time to realign.

Reiki provides many positive outcomes for patients, including increased relaxation, removing energy blockages, releasing harmful toxins in the body, enhanced vibrational frequency with the body, and a greater sense of a spiritual self. Reiki also aids in relieving physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness.

How Our Therapy Can Help You

Our therapy services provide a variety of excellent benefits to our patients. Our holistic approach has helped many people genuinely better themselves and their quality of life from physical to spiritual health. We’ve taught patients how to cope with past trauma, deepen their emotional intelligence, and heal them from pains sustained from physical disorders and disturbances. If you’re seeking a therapy that goes beyond standard clinical treatment, we encourage you to learn more about our practices. We’re here to cure, treat, and aid you to more excellent health, which includes:

Emotional Health

With our practices, patients have reported feeling more emotionally stable and balanced. That's because reiki increases emotional intelligence and control significantly.

Spirital Health

Our practices' primary goal is to reunite patients with their vital energy and make them balanced, leading many of them to reconnect with their spiritual self or get in touch with it for the first time.


We’re proven to help those suffering from the consequences of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse learn to cope with their trauma and PTSD.

Physical Health

We've demonstrated our ability to alleviate physical pain, both occasional and chronic, including but not limited to injury, post-surgery recovery, and illness. Our therapy boosts patients’ immune systems and has reduced the need for medication.

Mental Health

Reiki decreases clinical anxiety, depression, and a host of other mental health-related issues. It also reduces chronic stress that causes mental health problems later in life. Our therapy practices have helped countless patients sleep better at night and increase their mental clarity.

The Perfect Hypnosis Therapy for Your Well-Being

Our team is passionate and fully believes in the power of hypnotic therapy to heal the mind, body, and spirit altogether. We’ve seen first-hand the miraculous difference hypnosis has made in the lives of our patients. Simply put, hypnosis is the best alternative to traditional treatments. If you’re looking for a way out of conventional therapy but unsure where to start, our caring professionals are here to answer your questions and concerns. We’ll guide you through each step in the process and enable you to fulfill your journey towards holistic health.

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